Universal 6 Gallon "Spare" Tank (3-Pack)

Universal 6 Gallon "Spare" Tank (3-Pack)

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The "Spare" Tank is finally here!!! Mount your fluid packs in the spare tire location using the existing spare tire hoist on your vehicle!!! No mounting hardware to purchase! Stack up to 18 gallons with ease. At 29" in diameter with a center lifting point of 4.25" and just over 3" thick you can stack 3 packs together and be the width of the stock spare tire. Not limited to 4Runners. Check your dimensions with the description and email or call if necessary. If your vehicle has a center lifting hoist and can fit a 29" tire then you should be good to go.


Buy 2, or more, and save! Whatever it is you put in there doesn't matter now. What matters is you finally got what you've been asking for. Enjoy the peace of mind that brings. Keep 6 gallons with you at all times in case of an emergency and add another 2 packs for your weekend outings for maximum capacity. Make sure you rotate the contents out every couple of months to keep it fresh.


Purposely designed full of features to satisfy everyone: Multiple handles for comfort in any position, recessed cap, wear tabs for extended life from abuse, and stacking tabs to keep them snug. 6 gallons of liquid gold in a single pack, stackable for TRIPLE your pleasure!!! That's 18 gallons of pure adventure stored in an area you haven’t been able to use for anything else!!! It's the obvious choice. Use your existing spare tire hoist to secure it into place and that's it. No crazy mounting systems or major modifications*. Easy to mount and unmount whenever it's needed without the requirement to purchase additional hardware.


Manufactured In the USA right here on the beautiful West Coast. These are made of heavy duty Linear Medium Density Polyethylene*, are FDA approved for storing drinking water, and 100% recyclable!!! The limit of their use is up to your imagination. When used for storing water, the non-transparent pack provides UV protection prohibiting algae growth allowing for extended periods of storage* Use it to store water for a camping shower. Set the pack in the sun to warm the water then pour it in your shower bladder or fashion an on/off spout and shower directly from the pack. Make it your own and add an electric pump or a foot pump and run a hose up to your kitchen or roof rack. Make it work best for your needs. Keep the extra weight low on your vehicle by securing them at the center of gravity of your vehicle and reduce the affects of typical off-roading equipment mounted higher on the vehicle. Keeping weight low on the vehicle maintains a more stable vehicle in all conditions. This also free's up the space on the outside, or top, of the vehicle for other items that need to be readily accessible.


*If there is a manufacturing defect keeping your Trail'd tank from functioning properly or causing a leak, contact us for a refund or a replacement; your choice up to 5 years from date of purchase. 90 day return policy for unused products only and are subject to a restocking fee and/or incurred shipping costs. ** Packs are resistant to road grime and vehicle fluids/chemicals and will not degrade the integrity of the pack. It is recommended that if you put anything other than water in the pack that you stick with that liquid for the life of the pack as this plastic will absorb some of the characteristics of the liquid. *** Trail'd will not be held liable for any damage and/or injury resulting from using our product. Use of our product is assumed to be in a responsible manner. It is not recommended using 3 packs together when extreme wheeling due to the potential for puncturing the unit. If needed, it is recommended to add protection, in some manner, to the bottom pack. Normal offroad driving conditions should not have a negative effect on the unit. Verify all clearances when in the mounted position ***These tanks are NOT certified by the EPA for fuel storage and voids all warranty and return claims.


Check out these sites for product reviews https://trail4runner.com/2021/10/07/5th-gen-4runner-water-system-with-traild-tanks-full-diy-and-how-to-guide/ https://trail4runner.com/2020/05/30/trailed-spare-tank-install-for-5th-gen-4runner/ https://trailtacoma.com/2020/08/27/traild-spare-gas-tank-review-install-on-3rd-gen-tacoma/ https://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-gear/cars-trucks/truck-modification-storage-utility/


  • *

    - Use FDA recommended safe water storage practices for best results

    - Linear Medium Density Polyethylene can be repaired by using plastic welding techniques.

    - Minor modifications to the spare tire hoist lift tab, and/or heat shielding, may be needed.

    - Email support@trailedonline.com for international and OCONUS shippingrates.